All Change

What a weird few weeks. Getting back from touring India and into 2010 was awesome. We’re all revitalised and prepared to realise loads of great plans for the year, some of which you’ll have seen rolled out already like this blog and the now fully functional Shiva Soundsystem site.

I’m in the video edit for the next Shiva Soundsystem release, “Fray” featuring Orifice Vulgatron from the kings of UK hip hop Foreign Beggars and we’ve kicked off our new London residency “Return to Bass”. We’ve also just been nominated for “Best Alternative Act” at the UK Asian Music Awards 2010, alongside Engine Earz, Niraj Chag and Bat For Lashes, something that really has taken me by surprise.

So it’s a bit of a shame that the BBC Asian Network called time on my weekend alternative music show Electro East as well as Pathaan’s Musical Rickshaw.

We both started our shows on the same night, Saturday 17th June 2006, in a flurry of palpitations and crippling nerves. Electro East used to be on between 8pm and 10pm which was a brave decision because before then, the slot was for languages so it really was quite a change. The idea was to push what I’ve always believed in – that “Asian” music isn’t all just about Bollywood and Bhangra.

I’d like to think that Electro East has helped prove that. We took unsigned, new and international artists and put them in the mix alongside established names of all underground genres. We made sure that their music was the most important thing that we could emphasise about them on air, not their race.

My role at the BBC Asian Network was to blur barriers and I’m proud that I did just that. I’m never going to stop blurring barriers, on any platform, medium or station continuing, initially, with my new podcast series after March 20th when Electro East fades from the airwaves.

I’d like to thank everyone at the Asian Network for giving me a shot all those years ago and for helping launch my broadcasting career. I was always really humbled by the good nature of my musical heroes that stepped up and shared their work and passion. They turned out to be some of the nicest people and most of all we had a laugh.

The biggest thanks goes to the listeners for such big support & love and the artists for trusting I’d do the right thing with their music, signed or unsigned.

To give Electro East on the BBC Asian Network the send off it deserves, we’ve got some very special stuff planned that started this weekend with our “Heroes Of Bass” season, kicking off with Shy FX and continuing with Adam F and Horx (aka Kicks Like a Mule) next week.

I’m proud of every single track played, every guest we had on the show and the huge amounts of fun we all had doing it. I hope you’ll join me. Every Saturday night, from midnight, on the BBC Asian Network. Until March 20th.

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  1. Please don’t leave the radio…. (T_T)

  2. this is a little bit emotional…*sniff sniff*… 😦 x

  3. OMG! What am going to do without your show?!! How will I get my fix? How will you continue to teach the world of this fantastic music?? Why doesn’t anyone ever ask ME about decisions like this?Those BBC people are making a big mistake.

  4. That sucks man 😦 Anyway, the sky is still the limit (uber cliché)!!

  5. very bad news about the show mate, many thanks for supporting my music over the last 12 months.

  6. This really sucks. Electro East was my favourite show bar none. Introduced me to so many new sounds.Will miss you M8.

  7. Save Electro East! The BEST show ever!!

    Complain or by calling 03700 100 222

  8. ElectroEast is an amazing show…the airwaves will be missing a crucial cog in the machine without it.

    You are a true artist.

    here’s to blazing the path for the masses the way you always have.

  9. O.O

    this is one ridicolous move by BBC.. very demoralizing and depressing, Electro East was basically the TOP of the shows dedicated to drumnbass/dubstep/electro – i had a tremendous ammount of pleasure listening and discovering new music, it was full of BASS and things that actually FIT, no popularized annoying bullshit (like clownstep i.e.) that was so easy to find on Grooverider’s show.. What a loss, what a dumb blind move aswell, ffs.. Hooray, now jungle-terror will take over :<

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