Fray – the video

So as you may know by now, Orifice Vulgatron from Foreign Beggars hit the studio with D-Code and me and turned in this surprising, disgusting and frankly frightening vocal performance for a track called “Fray”. It’s got Elio D’Anna Jr and Mukesh Ravji on guitar with Pravvy Prav on backing vocals too.

You can grab it on our album “Phasmatis In Machina” and it’ll be the next single + wicked remixes from some amazing talent out soon.

The video, long in the lab, is finally ready. I really, really hope you dig:

Director – Shaft Uddin
DOP – Kwami
Post Production – Kooch Chung
Art Direction – Kunal Anand
Make up – Becky Perkins
Producer – Nerm
Featuring: Jenna G, Huw Stephens, DJ Kayper + Nathan “Flutebox” Lee

Cast: Nina Hunjan, Elio D’Anna Jr, Pravvy Prav, Silent Source, D-Code, Nerm, Bambooclart, Kunal Anand, Roshani Hewa, Ravneet Dhanjal, Natascha Nanji, Nellie Hamid, Matilde Ramos Pinto, Reju Sharma, Rupa Bhatti, Kam Bagri Dhanjal, Ed Nattrass, Amrita Singh, Lesh Thapar

And here’s how it got made, thanks to Laura Taflinger:

Speaking of Foreign Beggars, check their latest (and much better than ours) video for No Hold Barred with Noisia, remixed by Excision on the EP “Beggatron Remixed Part 1“:

And make sure you vote for them at the Urban Music Awards


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  1. great track and cool video Nerm, thanks for sharing

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