Storm 2010 :: Mumbai :: Caspa vs Shiva Soundsystem vs B.R.E.E.D

It’s that time of the year when we make our annual trip to the motherland, this time we’re bringing a friend of the family: CASPA

We’re gonna pit the best of the UK Dubstep with the Best of India in the form of Bass-Warrior B.R.E.E.D, with Shiva Soundsystem in the middle.

3 DJs, 2 Rigs and a sh*t load of extra subs. All for one night: Sunday 12th December at Blue Frog

To help welcome the sound to India, I’m going to release a mix a day, for the next three days. The first is House to Dubstep (click on the little arrow to download)

Tomorrow’s mix is UK Dubstep vs Indian Dubstep. And all for this very special gig:


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