Mumbai so far – Caspa in session – 3rd mix inevitably delayed

So a few days in and this trip’s already been storming. Catching up with friends from across the world has been wicked, Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale played live, Osmani Soundz, Klute and the whole bass-crew from Bombay have been DJing.

But most of all I’ve been put through my paces by the guys at FLAP with a sh*t load of filming and recording with Caspa and BREED.

In fact I’m in a classical Indian session right now:

Studio with @caspadubstep in Mumbai  on Twitpic

Here’s some video:

We also did some press with an article in The Hindustan Times and Time Out.

We’ve now got 3 DJ rigs for tomorrow’s gig instead of 2 and a phatly enhanced sound system at Blue Frog. Soundcheck’s gonna be long but fun.

But aside from all that, I promise I’ll get that 3rd mix done! (if you missed the first two they’re here and here)

More pics:


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