Goodnight Sweet Prince

Prince died. It kinda messed me up. How nonsensical. I never met the guy. I didn’t know him.

The thing is, ever since I was a little brown, broke, skinny, weird looking kid – there was this guy who made it ok to be all of those things.

He taught me how to hold my head up high, be body proud (when I was shit scared of what people would think of my bony ass),  speak to women with respect, speak to men with confidence and to be fearless. Being fearless about being vulnerable was the thing that struck me the most. And the art. Of course, the art.

It’s been 17 Days since he’s gone so I did this. From his first track to his very last. I kept all the mistakes because that’s what music is about right? The imperfections that make it perfect.


For You
17 Days
Love Bizarre
I Wanna B Ur Lover (Dimitri From Paris Edit)
Erotic City
When Doves Cry
Nasty Girl (Bambooclart Edit)
Glamorous Life
Little Red Corvette (12” version)
One Nite Alone (Live)
Sexy MF
Bob George
Alphabet Street
Hot Thing
Kiss (1st take)
If I Was Ur Girlfriend
Sign O The Times
Electric Chair
Purple Rain (Live at Fox Theatre Atlanta 14th April 2016)


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