Supersonic Buddha – Royal Festival Hall

Back in 2004, Shiva Soundsystem was asked to do a club night at Brick Lane’s Vibe Bar. It was on a Sunday night and we were adamant that what we wanted to do would shake up the “chilled Sunday” paradigm. We HATED Buddha Bar with a passion and wanted to do something that was the opposite of that whole scene.

We called in all of our mates who were in bands – big or small. Experimental, off shoot projects of massive acts, and of course all of us DJing added to the chaos and fun.

The night was called “Supersonic Buddha” after an old track from the band I was in “Charged“.  The strap line was “Snarling in the face of quiet Sundays”. Kunal Anand did the design for every single poster and they got to be highly sought after items – with posters getting stolen by collectors as soon as they went up.

As the years rolled on, Brick Lane and our objectives changed. The energy we all had started to be poured into other, more high profile things.

It’s therefore lovely to be able to once again host Supersonic Buddha, this time on a rare, late night Bank Holiday Saturday at Royal Festival Hall. It’s also an honour to help push music forward with amazing act like Oceantied and Bobby Tank joining us:

Come and help us snarl:
9pm – 1am
All ages welcome


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