In Spring 2018, I got a call from a close partner I’ve done a lot of work with in India over the years. He told me that Vice India was working with Budweiser to develop their “BUDX” platform and if I wanted to be the lead creative consultant on the project. I said yes.

This then exploded into planning cross-genre & cross-continental musical collaborations, overseeing the overall line-up approvals, copywriting and documentary shoots over the whole of 2019.

Oh, and a festival. And a few other dates across India.

Some of the collabs I lined up included Sub Focus x OX7GEN, Foreign Beggars x Seedhe Maut and Madame Gandhi x Pardafash. I helped join the dots in the Techno union of Truncate and Dotdat too.

The important aspect to me was to that Indian artists stand shoulder to shoulder with their International counterparts, and that that was reflected in all media.

All of those board room meetings. All the long calls with lawyers, managers and artists. The volumes of emails about lineup, showflow, ethos and logistics. The thousands of IMs putting out fires immediatly to do with audio, design and social content – were totally worth it.

It worked better than I could have imagined.

Oh, and the set I played at the after party felt like I was stood in the eye of a storm!

UPDATE: Here’s OX7GEN’s set from the festival

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