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It has been a little while since I stretched my legs on here hasn’t it?

The last year or so?

Well lots of things have happened with Driving Lolita of course, Deepz, Arrows Down and a rather epic journey across the USA that has been documented (in a fashion) on my Instagram

I thought that as a lot of my music activity is lived in real time on social media sites, I could reflect on here about something else.

You see, I’m about to head back to India on tour but it feels that this time things are stepping up a gear. The bridge between the UK and India that I’ve always seen I my minds eye seems to be one step closer to actually happening. Nearly 15 years ago when I first started touring India, it seemed like a distant dream for the music I loved to be big there, let alone the mainstream of the UK.

And now after years of touring, being thrown out of venues for our musical taste, telling everyone we met about the virtues of Bass music to a snort of derision, something has changed.

I’m speaking at a conference on Friday in Bombay about Indian acts in the UK (of which I like to think I’ve been very supportive) and international acts in India (ditto). I’m then DJing around the Motherland finishing at VH1 Supersonic in Goa as part of a stage that is clearly the biggest Bass line up India has ever seen.

I can’t help but feel excited for what’s to come next year, after all, escalation can only be good for music fans.
I really hope that this is not an end-game. More of a corner turned.

Oh, and don’t worry, my rambling is done. There’ll be more music and stuff on here very soon 🙂

Bass stage Lineup v11

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