Insta-Chats: Season 1

During London’s lockdown, I thought I’d keep myself on an even keel by having a chat with a badass, creative friend that has seen me be a drunken idiot before – every Wednesday evening on Instagram Live.

It’s basically like we’re in a bar, just hanging out and you’re invited. Waaaay better than a typical ‘interview’ I reckon.

They’re a bit faackin’ sweary, very real and started off technically quite scrappy, but improved over time. Chat wise, there’s no evolution. I speak utter nonsense in all of ’em.

I can’t believe it went on for 67 weeks!!

I need a better name for this series. Maybe for Season 2, But until then, here’s Season 1 of these “Instagram Live Interviews”. Hit the playlist icon on the top right of the first video to see them all, or just keep scrolling:

67 – Season 1 Finale: Gnarly x Nikita Gill– The worlds of beat wizardry and poetry collide to form a brand new band.
66 – Nicki Wells – Unbelievable vocal range, incredible songwriter, utterly mesmerising.
65 – Scuba – Hotflush boss, old-school DJ colleague, electronic music pioneer
64 – Sanah Ahsan– Poet, performer, community psychologist and utterly calming, kind & soft presence.
63 – Blame – Musical legend, utterly ridiculous ear and synth collection to match, total gent
62 – Vishal Dadlani (+ PAV4N, Anita Rani, Bishi, FUNC)- Round 2, real talk, still a Bollywood bastard.
61 – Anjana Vasan – Amazing singer songwriter, annoyingly incredible actor, ridiculously humble.
60 – Nikki Bedi – Iconic broadcaster, tales to astonish, amazing friend and supporter.
59 – Benga – Dupstep pioneer & originator, former hell-raiser, hardcore real talker.
58 – Penguine Cafe/Arthur Jeffes – Perpetuator of innovation, a vast web of ties, awesome cocktail buddy.
57 – Denzil Smith – “Tenet” Actor, debauchery brother-in-arms, dulcet tones for DAAAYS.
56 – SK Shlomo – Beat-boxer extraordinaire, first to breakthrough, mental health activist.
55 – Monisha Rajesh – Travel writer, hilariously potty mouthed, not-so-secret-Gap-Year-kid.

54 – Alas! The chat with Chrissy Sparks didn’t save! Needless to say it was debauched and hilarious AF. Sorry!

53+ – Nitin Sawhney, Anoushka Shankar, Poorna Jagannathan, Alev Lenz, Nikita Gill and Nikesh Shukla Surprise! A year into these chats and new tech allows for us all to speak at once. We tried to talk about Nitin’s new album “Immigrants” and Anoushka’s new track “Sister Susannah” but it’s mainly us cackling.
53 – Sathnam Sanghera – Writer of Empireland, Midland diaspora, brave talking to me considering how we met.
52 – Sam Binga – Pineapple honcho, multi-genre badass producer, film maker. Amazing taste in coats.
51 – Sapna Bhavnani – Celebrity hairdresser, Demon head-taker, film maker. Keeps me in check.
50 – Imran Khan – “2nd Generation” magazine editor, conflict-zone reporter, old club kid at heart
49 – Ms Mohammed – Gothic Dancehall Queen, Gay AF, “big-fat-hairy-badger” shot creator
48+ Nikesh Shukla – Surprise chats about his new book “Brown Baby”. It’s mainly just me drunkenly berating him for an hour. Fun!
48 – Abi Sampa – Incredible Veena player, singer and general helper of my ugly mug
47 – The Kominas/Shahjehan – Punks, Muslims, Utterly lovely nerds
46 – Adreena Angela – Educator, Dominatrix, Bourbon and Margarita expert.
45 – Durga Gawde – Artist, Non-binary Activist, AMAZING taste in lipstick that is perfect for stealing.
44 – My Panda Shall Fly – Extremely talented DJ, Actor, Model & Producer, cute AF and just the nicest guy. The bastard.
43 – Ramona Arena – Nightime to daytime saviour, Indian TV legend and was in a HUGE Bollywood film?! Oh and is a hippy. But kinda always has been, so that’s ok.
42 – DJ Rekha – Legendary DJ, USA Brown representer from day 1. And I got drunk and talked about Prince again.
41 – Bobby Friction – BBC honcho, Asian music flag-bearer, nuff embarrassing stories. Oh, and Prince. Lots of Prince.
40 – Asian Dub Foundation/Chandrasonic – Punk, wise older brother, new tech/social media WunderOnkel
39 – Anushka Manchanda – Pop star, Film star, Amazing raving buddy
38 – Nick Halkes – Prodigy discoverer, Legend in the music scene and yet, totally down to Earth
37 – Jenna G – Amazing Singer, Actor, Presenter. Kicked my ass a few times too.
36 – PENGSHUi / Prav – Grimey, Punky, Bastards. But also complete gents and all.
35 – Nabihah Iqbal – Amazing producer, DJ and Broadcaster. Both of us were proper ill here.
34 – Nikhil Chinapa – MTV India hearthrob, dance music champion, utter basket.
33 – OX7GEN – Indian D&B ambassador, Drummer, remixed faaackin’ U2?!
32 – Bishi – Avant-garde polymath, Sitar tech & voice, nuff chats about Prince’s balls.
31 – High Contrast – Drum & Bass Don, Film Nerd, The BEST Hair.
30 – Gnarly – Finger-drummer, badass multi-talented producer, wish she was my little sister.
29 – Soumik Datta – Sarod prodigy, soundtrack producer, calm AF.
28 – D-Code – Musical partner, ex-BBC Radio 1 co-host, massive flippy-floppy feets.
27 – Sandunes – Keys, Production, Always calms me the fuck down.
26 – Vandana – Awesome Singer/songwriter, Synth nerd, Bird poop expert.
25+ Nikita Gill – Surprise chats about her new books, “SLAM” and “The Girl & The Goddess”
25 – Shilo Shiv Suleman – Artist, Fearless, Wine over Tea.
24 – Sarathy Korwar – Drummer, Jazz Badass, Secret Punk
23+ Anoushka Shankar – Surprise chats about the BBC Proms and Record Store Day
23 – Ishani – Singer, Producer, toilet roll hunter
22 – Bailey – Metalheadz, BBC R1/1X colleague, bulk shot buyer
21+ Shruti Haasan – Surprise chats about her single “Edge”
21 – William Dalrymple – Historian, Author, Big Willy D Style.
20 – Anushka Menon – Photographer, DJ, Solo artist. Shockingly meticulous.

19 – The chat with Foreign Beggar, living art piece and Blue-da-boo-dee-da-boo-daaa man PAV4N didn’t blaady save!

18 – Monica Dogra – Little sister, actor, singer, bloody hippy.
17 – Kayper – Scratch queen, badass hustler, Guju dhal and doodh lover
16 – Reeta Loi – Queer Activist, Lid lifter, Excellent Drinking Buddy/Uncle
15 – Adil Ray – Actor, Citizen Khan creator, Not-the-Brown Piers Morgan
14 – Jeet Thayil – Booker nominated writer, dark bastard, king-maker
13 – Anita Rani – Broadcaster, Raving Buddy, Sister From Another Mister
12 – Fabio – Godfather of Drum & Bass. Icon. Utter gent.
11 – Arjun Vagale – Techno don, Odd Records boss, surname sounds nothing like “Waggle”
10 – Nikita Gill – Amazing Poet & Author, giraffe-height drinking buddy
9 – Abhay Deol – Iconic Indian Actor, my co-star in What Are The Odds, lickable face.
8 – Shruti Haasan – Mega-star Actor, total dork, dark Musician.
7 – Sub Focus – Drum & Bass icon and general really lovely dude.
6 – Nikesh Shukla – Author, Editor and Creator of The Good Immigrant, Dhokla fan.
5 – Vishal Dadlani – Lead singer of Pentagram, Bollywood Music Producer, Judgy guy on TV
4 – Breakage – Drum & Bass/Bass DJ and Producer, Badman

3 – I interviewed Actor, Musician and bloody hippy Monica Dogra but the video didn’t save! We re-did our chat (18)

2 – Nitin Sawhney – Producer, Composer and Musician (and the rest)
1 – Anoushka Shankar – Sitarist, Composer and Utter Power-House

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