Foreign Beggars front man: PAV4N

Late in 2019, Foreign Beggars played their last ever London show. It bought nearly 20 years of underground music together in one place at The Garage in Islington. The after-party was insane (I played a cut-n-paste, ADHD riddled, channel-hopping, 3 hour set that I don’t remember at all). The after-after party? That’s something that can’t be discussed in public! Anyway…

Fast forward to 2020 and frontman PAV4N launches his solo project has lift off. with the first singe KARMA. The whole thing is living art piece that draws deeply from his cultural and hip-hop roots. This is just the beginning of an avalanche of amazing stuff from PAV4N. I’ve seen what’s to come. It’s nuts.

Grab the track here.
The video is just stunning:


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