What Are The Odds • Netflix

A while back in Bombay was asked to be in a film by the amazing Director, Megha Ramaswamy. She got me to play the part of a British, band manager. Yeah, I know, quite a stretch. Imagine John Hughes and Wes Anderson holding hands, skipping around Colaba, with a rock band following them around. That’s this film.

Oh, and the first scene I shot was where I licked the lead’s (Abhay Deol) face, having no clue who he was. Proper method acting that was 😀

It hit Netflix world wide on May 20th.

A week later and it broke the top ten on Netflix the high point being at number 3! We were all floored and so thankful. We decided to throw a bash to give something back to everyone that supported this weird little indie film.

The whole world’s locked down so it wasn’t quite the launch party we had in mind, but dammit, we did it anyway! My Instagram Live hacks came into their own and I hosted, played music from the film, talked nonsense with the cast for ages with an ever increasing, massive audience. It was nuts.

3 hours later I was hammered and happy, the random dance-offs with the cast and fans of the film was completely unexpected. Proper odd squad business.

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