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I’ve been feeling nostalgic recently and looking back over the last few years for reasons I’m sure you’re aware of. If not, don’t worry, I’ll explain all on Monday but the fact remains, I’ve been reminiscing.

Coincidentally, I found an old box of mix tapes I’m made in 1997-1999 and my first ever live mix on radio for Eddy Temple-Morris’ show The Remix on X-FM from 2001. Out of them all, I thought I’d share this mix from 1998 of Drum & Bass and what was then Asian Underground.

Mixed completely on vinyl using two belt driven Gemini turntables (which always changed speed by themselves!) and a broken 2-channel Numark mixer.  It was recorded onto a D90 cassette using the mic input of a battered tape deck.
I re-recorded the tape straight into my computer with no treatment/EQ or editing to keep that roughness, not that there is much I can do to make it sound better anyway! I found a silly picture of me from around the same time too.

So bearing all that in mind, I hope you forgive the sound quality & mistakes and that you enjoy this little taste of 1998:

01 Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Science)
02 Photek – Margin 98 (Science)
03 Talvin Singh – Butterfly (Island)
04 Osmani Soundz – Spiritual Master Key (Omni)
05 Roni Size – It’s Jazzy (V Recordings)
06 Goldie/Roni Size – The Calling (Remix) (V Recordings)
07 Lelonek – Kizmet (Omni)
08 Photek – The Water Margin (Science)
09 Talvin Singh – Sutrix (Island)
10 Ges-E & Usman – Flute Song (Outcaste)
11 Krust – Warhead (V Recordings)
12 Ges-E & Usman – Talking Tablas (Outcaste)



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  1. Oh wow… what a throw back to the “beginning”. Anokha, Eastern Uprising, Dancing Drums…. great to hear this Nerm, pulls at the nostalgic strings.

  2. Nice!!! thx for posting this……….enjoyed reading the post too!! 🙂

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