What went down on Sunday :: Storm Mix 3

So on Sunday we launched a new night “STORM” at Blue Frog in Mumbai.
We beefed up the sound system and set up 3 DJ rigs, one each for me, Caspa and B.R.E.E.D.

At the start of the night I was quite nervous. It was the first time that a big Dubstep act had played India but we had been meticulous in the sound and promo around town. My American bro Zakhm was warming things up and by the time B.R.E.E.D. and I came on there was already a swollen dancefloor.

As Caspa came on, things got crazy. Walls of bass relentlessly smashed into the crowd of fresh faced bass-kids, all grinning madly. I was taken aback, not only about how good things sounded but by the sheer number of new faces. By the end of it we were all grinning like idiots.

As Caspa tweeted:

Here’s some pics thanks to Prasad Kamtekar:

VH1 were filming so there’ll be some video soon. Oh and I managed to finish that third mix I promised:

Next up:
MTC, Mumbai on Thursday with Pravvy Prav and Mental Martians
Saltwater Grill, Pune on Sunday with Zakhm

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  1. Can’t wait for the videos, that looked wicked !
    Listening to the 3rd mix now.

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