Everywhere And Nowhere :: Week 1 :: Sukh Knight

You may know I’ve been working on a film since August last year. It’s from the director of Kidulthood, Menhaj Huda, and it’s called Everywhere and Nowhere, out on May 6th

It’s a fast paced, gritty, coming of age drama based around a DJ and remixer and the shit he has to go through. I’m the music consultant for the film which means I helped select and place music, mixed all the club scenes, did a couple of the remixes and commissioned and directed the others.

Here’s the Trailer:

There was loads of other boring stuff behind the scenes with the music that wasn’t very creative; shouting, phoning and emailing, but I’m to focus on the good stuff. The music. Over the next three weeks I’m going to interview the awesome remixers who took old Bollywood records and remixed them into something completely new, on film. SUKH KNIGHT, D-CODE and finally ENGINE EARZ





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