Out of the daze

I’m finally over my post India tour stress syndrome.

A lot’s been going on but before you read any further, click on my latest BBC 6Music show and press play.

So, as I was saying, India. That was pretty awesome.

The first two weeks were on tour with Driving Lolita, which is my musical cohort D-Code’s live act. Of course, I’m biased, but their progress over the last year is pretty astounding. Here’s before:

And here’s now:

There’s some great remixes out too, like this one from Ram Record’s Basher:

So the first gig of the tour was incredible (yeah yeah, I’m biased) at the NH7 festival in Pune. They got on as the sun was going down so the stage looked pretty awesome.


The next stop was Bangalore, then onto Delhi which was a much more intimate show than NH7. The band where so fuelled by back-to-back tour madness that it was their tightest set to date. Especially D-Code who completely lost the plot and finally became the front man he should always have been (see, I’m biased but honest).


After that it was onto Mumbai to kick of the Shiva Soundsystem tour at Blue Frog. D-Code and I hadn’t played together in Mumbai for three years. I’d been there with Caspa two years earlier but D couldn’t make it.

It was also our tenth anniversary of touring India so expectations were high. We got our family Engine Earz to open up and Arrows Down, Shaair & Func to jump on our set to re-work some classics live, including our old collaboration Finger Puppets.

The room was kept as dark as possible so the pictures are a little blurry.




After this we played in the Rajasthani desert for the first Ragastan Festival which was properly full of amazing Lizard King business (inspired by repeatedly listening to The Doors on the five hour drive there)



D headed back to London to prepare to be a father (nuts, I know!) while I rolled on solo to play Bonobo backed with Bandish Projekt and Func. It was also my birthday so I have no pictures, just a very very hazy memory of playing Luniz – I Got 5 On It. And nearly throwing up off of a roof top somewhere.

Thankfully there was some clear info about it all here

Edit 17/01/13: STOP PRESS! An awesome photo album of the evening just went up courtesy of Izla Viola.

The very next day after this Jaegermeister filled debauchery came Grime Riot Disco where I played a “secret” set alongside Karsh Kale. That particular Saturday evening ended on Monday morning.



Then it was back home to London after a quick chat

And now? Well, Driving Lolita have just mastered some of their album and Arrows Down has just stuck this up:

Deepz has an album forthcoming on Shiva Soundsystem Recordings, a track of which can be heard on my latest BBC 6Music show.

Oh and I did this on BBC 6Music, just in case you missed it earlier 😉

I’ll try not to leave this so long next time xx

Photos by Rupa Bhatti, D-Code, Kunal Lodhia and me.

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